July 2009
International Championships Photos Available
International Championships photographs taken by Joahna Carol are now available for viewing and purchase. Photos may be accessed via the links below.

Joahna Carol, Photographer

Attn:  If you purchased a prepaid discount coupon, please call or email Joahna Carol at  313-673-4444  in order to redeem your coupon. Otherwise, please go to the website and order through the secure service provided there:

Older News
Level 1 Teams

Level 1 Teams are now offered at all regional competitions, as well as the international competition (Dance Twirl and Twirl Team only).  Level 1 is not restricted by the number of wins of the performers, but any team entered must adhere to these performance restrictions: no member of the team may do anything higher than a 1 turn and a 2 elbow.  Level 1 Team is NOT considered a "regional event"; therefore performers do not receive medallions and winners do not receive press releases. Awards will be a trophy representing the appropriate placement for each team.

Parade March Eliminated as Regional & International Event

Parade March has been eliminated as a Regional and International event.  In those areas where Parade March is a popular option, we will offer it as an open event on request.

Pageant Participation Requirement

At any TU competition where a pageant is offered, a twirler must ALSO enter one "non-pageant" solo in order to be eligible to participate in the pageant.


Twirling Log

Twirling Unlimited is pleased to offer this twirler’s “log” on which to record first place wins.  It is a simple matter to record - each time - the date and location of a competition, along with the sanctioning organization, the level entered, and the placement received.  This makes it a very convenient reference tool to keep track of first place wins - and help a twirler develop the responsibility of keeping his/her own records.

Twirling Unlimited is pleased to provide this downloadable version for any twirler or teacher to use.  Teachers may make copies to distribute to their students, or twirlers may make extra copies to cover other events.

Click here to open and print the log, or to save it to your computer for future use.


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