There are no Beginner or Intermediate“titles”; all Regional and International Titles are open to twirlers of any level.  Time limits are broad enough to include all levels. 

Once a twirler or duet has won an International title, he/she must wait until they change age groups to compete for that same title again. This applies to pageants, solo, duets and novelties at the International competition – but does not apply to Regional titles. 


Every contestant entering the solo competition (any event) at Regional or International level agrees before entry that she will not make any attempts to provide her own publicity and no one else will do it on her behalf. Champions are given a press release granting permission to contact local newspapers. 


1. Divisions: Tiny Tot(ages 0-8)             Juvenile (ages 9-11)

Junior(ages 12-14)    Teen (Ages 15-17)

                                Senior (ages 18+)               

Open to girls only.  This is a three-part contest: Dress/Costume Modeling (50% interview), Competition Solo (Time is 1˝ to 2˝ minutes), and Show Routine/Solo Dance Twirl (1˝ - 2˝ minutes).Contestants must compete in all three aspects of the competition and the winner will be determined using equal credit for all three parts.  In case of tie, Show Routine/Solo Dance Twirl placing will break the tie. 

Show Routine/Solo Dance Twirl music must be labeled with the contestant's name and ready to play. (Any contestant choosing to use a burned CD or iPodare encouraged to bring their own player as backup to ensure proper playing.) 

Once a girl has won a Miss TU World Majorette title, she may not compete for the same title.  She must wait until she has changed age groups to compete for the Miss TU World Majorette title again.  This does not apply to the Regional titles.

Note: Contestants must enter (not “score sheet only”) a “non-pageant” solo at the same competition to be eligible to participate in the Miss TU pageant. 


Open to both boys and girls.  Open to all levels.

Time Limit: 1:30-2:30Score Sheet and Penalties - Same as Open Solo 

Preliminary Ages: 0-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20+ 

Boys and girls together. The top 2 in each preliminary age category will retwirl for the international (or regional) title.  Age divisions for twirl-off: 0-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15-17 and 18+. Only the winner of the twirloff will carry the title "TU International (or Regional) Solo Champion". 


Open to Girls only. Ages: 0-8, 9-11, 12-14, 15& Over (15-17 & 18+ at International).  Same rules as open Fancy Strut - Time Limit: 2 minutes maximum 


Open to both boys & girls. Ages: 0-8, 9-11,12-14, 15+  (15-17 & 18 + at  International)

Timing begins with opening salute of at least one baton and stops with ending salute of  atleast one baton . Same rules as Open 2-Baton & Open 3+Baton

Time Limit  1:30-2:00 for 2-Baton.

Time Limit :30- 2:00 for 3-Baton. 


Division determined by averaging ages: 0-8.5, 9-11.5, 12-14.5, 15+ Over. Two contestants compete together with one baton each.  Timing begins and ends with salute.  Time limit  1˝ to 2˝ minutes. Standard march music is used. 


Each participant in the Miss TU World Majorette competition will receive a special memento, regardless of her placing.  Winners will receive arm bouquets, large trophies and banners with Regional and International Titles. International winners will receive traveling plaques for one year, and be featured on the Twirling Unlimited website. 

TU Regional Majorettes  will receive $25 to purchase a savings bond in addition to flowers and trophy.  1-3 trophies; 1-3 in model, solo & show receive medals.

TU World Majorettes will receive $125 to purchase a savings bond ($250 for Teen & Senior), in addition to flowers, trophy and specially engraved traveling plaque for a year.  1st through 5th place overall winners will receive a trophy.  In addition, first, second and third place winners in modeling, twirling and show routine will receive a medallion appropriate to their placement. 

International 2 Baton, 3 Baton and Fancy Strut Champions will receive a trophy and banner. 

Regional and International Solo preliminary winners will receive 1st place trophy in each individual age division.

International Solo Championswill receive $125 to purchase a savings bond($250 for Teen and Senior) in addition to trophy, flowers and banner and a specially engraved traveling plaque to keep for one year. All International Solo finalists will receive a trophy( 1st- 6th). 

Group awards for 1st place in Regional or International events will be a trophy for first and individual champion medallions for each member. From 2nd place down each individual member will receive contestant medallion. Cash awards for Juv., Jr and Sr Champions at TU International. 

Beginner (Level 3) & Intermediate (Level 4) Pageant winners at the TU International competition will receive a full scholarship to the TU camp of their choice, in addition to trophy and banner.

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